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    Less Corrosive
    ColdStorm mixed into salt brine can reduce corrosion up to 43%. This helps protect bridges, guardrails, and light poles against corrosion and will prolong the life of your equipment.
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    Melts at Colder Temperatures
    ColdStorm salt brine enhancer works as a cystallization inhibitor and lowers the freeze point of salt brine. When added at 30%, the observed freeze point is lowered to -28°F. Different add rates of ColdStorm results in different freeze points which results in more effective de-icing.
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    ColdStorm allows users to customize their salt brine to the conditions of the storm. Different storms require different levels of anti-icers and ColdStorm provides this flexibility.
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    Sticks to the Road
    ColdStorm creates a residual effect ensuring brine sticks to the road. This prevents salt brine from drying out and blowing away.
ColdStorm Brine