What people say about us

“ I had a snow packed road, the temperature was 22º – I put down Ice Kicker and in 10 minutes I had running water on the road.  Ice Kicker flat out works, no doubt about it!”  Jamie Jensen – Cache County – Logan, UT

“ In the past we used red salt but switched to Ice Kicker because it works faster and keeps our city streets cleaner. The citizens like that you can see it but there is no dirty residue after the storm.”  Greg Braegger – Perry City – Perry, UT

Our Guarantee

Our product works faster. Our product is specially formulated additive kick starts the brining process helping you cut snow and ice faster than before! OIt will effectively melt snow and ice down to colder temperatures compared to untreated salts.  Our product is ready-made product that saves you time and money on pre-wetting equipment and liquids..

Our product melts the most snow and ice period!