behind SaltWorx

With over 50 years of combined de-icing experience we decided it was time for true high performance de-icing solutions.  After extensive research, listening to customer demands, and lots of product testing, SaltWorx was born.  At SaltWorx we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, product development, and innovation.  Our products keep roads safe, work faster, and are more environmentally friendly.  It’s our goal at SaltWorx to keep winter roads safe and get you home at night.

save time

Our product works faster. Our product is specially formulated additive kick starts the brining process helping you cut snow and ice faster than before! OIt will effectively melt snow and ice down to colder temperatures compared to untreated salts.  Our product is ready-made product that saves you time and money on pre-wetting equipment and liquids..

save money

Our product helps you use less.  It sticks to the road, thus reducing “bounce and scatter” and wasted salt.  It melts the most snow and ice period!  At 15 degrees one pound of IceKicker will melt 30% more ice than other salts.  It reduces corrosion and saves on equipment costs.

save lives

Our IceKicker’s blue color helps emphasize where crews have been and what roads are safe.  Our product is Environmentally friendly.  It’s made from all natural products that are safe for the environment and safe for your budget.  It offers quick, safe, and more effective de-icing performance while using less salt.  Our product simply does more!

Our product melts the most snow and ice period!